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How to Show Product Discounts in Single Product Template with Breakdance Page Builder


Hey breakdancers! Today, I’ll walk you through a quick and easy way to display dynamic product discounts on your Single Product Template using the Breakdance Page Builder. Let’s dive right in:

Step 1: Install Code Snippets Plugin

To get started, make sure you have the Code Snippets plugin installed on your WordPress site. If not, you can grab it from here.

Screenshot at Dec 04 15 32 30

Step 2: Add the PHP Code

Once you have the plugin ready, paste the provided PHP code into the Code Snippets plugin. This code works like magic to calculate and display the percentage discount dynamically on your product pages.

Screenshot at Dec 04 15 33 49
// Function to calculate and display percentage discount
function calculate_percentage_discount() {
    global $product;

    if ( is_product() && $product->is_type('simple') ) {
        $regular_price = $product->get_regular_price();
        $sale_price = $product->get_sale_price();

        if ( $regular_price && $sale_price < $regular_price ) {
            $discount_percentage = round( ( ( $regular_price - $sale_price ) / $regular_price ) * 100 );
            return sprintf( __('Save %s%%', 'breakdance-zero-theme'), $discount_percentage );
    return ''; // Return empty string if no discount

// Shortcode for displaying percentage discount
function display_discount_shortcode() {
    return calculate_percentage_discount();
add_shortcode('product_discount', 'display_discount_shortcode');

Step 3: Create a Single Post Template

Now, create a single post template for your product. Whenever you want to showcase the discount, simply choose a text element, select the dynamic icon, and search for “shortcode.”

Screenshot at Dec 04 15 36 13

Step 4: Add the Shortcode

In the shortcode area, paste the following shortcode that corresponds to the discount. This snippet dynamically fetches and displays the discount percentage, giving your product page a sleek and informative touch.

Screenshot at Dec 04 15 36 27

Step 5: Save and Check

Finally, hit save, and Yoo! Your product page now dynamically showcases the discount percentage. It’s that simple.

With these easy steps, Breakdance Page Builder allows you to seamlessly integrate dynamic product discounts into your Single Product Template. Dance your way to an enhanced Woo+BD experience!

Happy building!

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